Prepare yourself for an epic adventure across the orient.

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Imperial Guard

Game Story

After 200 years, the dark shadow has returned to the lands of the orient! Only Xiaolang, a brave warrior who possesses the elemental power of fire, has the strength to take on the shadow clan, rescue the children of the orient and restore peace to the people of the east. But, the dark shadow is stronger than before and Xiaolang has not had to fight for two centuries. Is he up to the task? Are you?

Embark upon a perilous quest full of dangerous enemies, deadly traps and hidden secrets to hunt down the shadow and restore peace to the people of the orient.

Shadow of the Orient is an action adventure platformer game currently in development for Android, iOS and Steam.

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Key Features

  • Beautiful Pixel Art Style
  • 15 handcrafted adventure levels
  • 9 time-based challenge levels
  • 3 "End of Act" bosses
  • Challenging enemies and environments
  • Multiple weapons (Sword, Throwing Knife and Fireball)
  • Melee combo system
  • 10 shop items to upgrade hero abilities and weapons
  • Game Achievements
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Bluetooth Gamepad support
  • Original soundtrack by Genatari
  • Shareware model (annoying ads be gone)


Programming / Creative Direction / Game Design

Leonardo Nanfara

Game Artists



Mike Tenebrae


Aleksandr Gaiduk

Anna Lovchikova

Harvey Lanot



Sai Warrior

Screenshots (Act 1)

Screenshots (Act 2)

Enemy Codex

Imperial Guard Imperial Guard
Sai Warrior Sai Warrior
Kisouma Warrior Kisouma Warrior
Kyudo Warrior Kyudo Warrior
Ryujin Dragon Ryujin Dragon
Hokkaido Wolf Hokkaido Wolf
Honshu Wolf Honshu Wolf
Koumori Bat Koumori Bat
Mountain Hawk Mountain Hawk

Gameplay Clips

Act 1-1

Act 1-3

Act 1-5

Act 2-1

Act 2-3

Act 2-5

Press Kit

Presskit will be available close to the official release date.