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Imperial Guard

Game Story

After 200 years, the dark shadow has returned wreaking havoc across the orient. Only Xiaolang, a brave warrior who possesses the elemental power of fire, has the strength to take on the shadow clan, rescue the children of the orient and restore peace to the people of the east. But, the dark shadow is stronger than before and Xiaolang has not had to fight for two centuries. Is he up to the task? Are you?

Embark upon a perilous quest full of dangerous enemies, deadly traps and hidden secrets to hunt down the shadow and restore peace to the people of the orient.

Shadow of the Orient is an action adventure platformer game currently available for Android & iOS with a Steam release scheduled for early 2024.

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Key Features

  • Beautiful Pixel Art Style
  • 15 handcrafted adventure levels
  • 5 time-based levels (Challenge mode)
  • Level solving elements
  • 3 "End of Act" bosses
  • Challenging gameplay with dynamic enemy AI
  • Hard and Easy difficulty modes to accomodate both advanced or amateur players
  • Multiple weapons (Sword, Throwing Knife and Fireball)
  • Sword combo system
  • Game Shop items (upgrade hero abilities/weapons and unlock gameplay enhancements)
  • Optional Live Shop for players who prefer faster hero progression
  • Game Achievements & Leaderboards
  • Customizable touchscreen controls for mobile devices
  • Editable keyboard controls for WebGL/PC versions
  • Bluetooth/Mobile Gamepad support (PS4, Xbox, Razer Kishi, etc)
  • Original soundtrack by Genatari
  • Ads with premium option
  • No in-game progression walls


Sai Warrior

Enemy Codex

Imperial Guard Imperial Guard
Sai Warrior Sai Warrior
Kisouma Warrior Kisouma Warrior
Kyudo Warrior Kyudo Warrior
Ryujin Dragon Ryujin Dragon
Hokkaido Wolf Hokkaido Wolf
Honshu Wolf Honshu Wolf
Koumori Bat Koumori Bat
Mountain Hawk Mountain Hawk
Yeti Yeti
Death Knight Death Knight
Dark Apparition Dark Apparition
Giant Joro Spider Giant Joro Spider
Pit Viper Pit Viper

Gameplay Clips

Act 1-1 Playthrough

Act 2-1 Playthrough

Act 3-1 Playthrough

More playthrough videos available on Youtube.

Official 4K Wallpapers

Shadow of the Orient Action Wallpaper

Official Game Soundtrack


Posted: Feb. 10, 2024
No Progressive Paywalls!!!

Shadow of the Orient has gone through many updates recently in an attempt to improve upon the overall game experience for mobile players. First off, Shadow of the Orient does not have any progressive pay walls so you can play the game from beginning to end without having to spend any real money in the live shop. The live shop is only intended for getting those game shop items faster incase you want don't want to grind it out collecting coins and gems during gameplay...and you can also get free coins and gems by watching ads through the live shop which was added in a recent update. We've also made gameplay adjustments to several challenge mode levels to make it a bit easier to complete each challenge with touchscreen controls. We've also cut off support for Android 8 and older as we've had quite a few players report performance issues and quite frankly the hardware is probably a bit too old to handle a mobile game optimized for 60fps.

Our Youtube channel was also recently updated with new playthrough videos to reflect the recent changes and new enemies added to the game. We hope you're enjoying our game and if you run into any issues or problems please reach out to Spacelab Games directly instead of leaving a 1 star review on our mobile storefronts...our support email is Thanks : ]

For a complete of list of changes visit the official release log.



Programming / Creative Direction / Game Design

Leonardo Nanfara

Game Artists



Mike Tenebrae


Aleksandr Gaiduk

Anna Lovchikova

Audio/Sound Design


Alan Dalcastagne

Press Kit

Click here to access the official press kit for Shadow of the Orient.

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